Monday, June 6, 2011

Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I was at a florist shop and the woman helping me had the cutest leopard print nails and I initially thought "Holy Craaap her nail person is seriously intense with the detailing aaaand it probably costed a TON of $$$" but to my surprise when I comment on her fabulousness she told me they were the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail sticker things!! I totally did not beleive her and asked if I could touch them. They looked super cute and she went on to tell me they were easy to apply and she didnt have any chips after 3 days of wear. HUGE plus for me because my hands are in water alot (for facials) and I wash them like a thousand times a day at the salon.

I had to try them I was obsessed!! I went to Target & Walmart and there was a horrible selection only neon colors left :( I finally found a great selection at Rite Aid and I chose the Laced Up design. They were about $9

The steps on the box say "Peel, Apply, Shape." So I though this was going to be quick and simple. I was sooooo wrong.

- Took forever to apply - like over an hour
- They were super sticky so once you set them on there was no moving or adjusting
- When I tried to adjust or "gently pull" like the directions suggest they tore :(
- 16 strips instead of 20 so you could only get one use
- I have deep nail beds so they were not wide enough and I had some gaps at the sides of my nails

But I got a TON of compliments on them. Plus...

- They have lasted almost 2 weeks
- No chips or tears
- Freakin awesome patterns selections available
- The pattern helped to hide and ridges or not so smooth application
- Extra strips made it less stressful when applying knowing you had back up
- You can use the extra strips as accent nails
- They looked AMAZING on :)

Bottom line: A- If someone applied them for you it would be so much faster so have a bonding time with one of your girls and you can do each others nails
Would I buy again? Yes I want to try other patterns!

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